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Masterclass Review 2022: Is Masterclass Really Worth It?

Masterclass is a high-end online course platform where classes are taught by some of the top experts in their fields. It gives you the opportunity to learn from some of the most inspiring artists, leaders, and icons in the world.

Masterclass offers many categories of courses to make you an expert in your desired field, hobby, or passion. Its subscription cost matches the value they provide with its content and production quality.

Now the question is – is Masterclass worth it? Should you stick with other, lower-price online course platforms, or should you invest in a Masterclass membership? The answer depends on your personal situation and needs. That’s why, in this in-depth Masterclass review, we’ll teach you all you need to know to make the decision that works for you.

Besides a quick tl;dr summary and in-depth walkthrough of both the Masterclass app and desktop version, we’ll also list all the pros and cons of using Masterclass. We’ve even compared them to all their most relevant competitors for you! Finally, we’ve curated some list of their most popular classes as well as our personal favorites, so you’ll know exactly where to start learning.

As usual, you can use our convenient table of contents below to jump to whatever section might interest you the most! Let’s go!

Quick Summary of Our Masterclass Review (FAQ)

  • Is Masterclass worth it?

Masterclass is worth it if you want to learn from top industry experts across various creative fields. It may not be for you if their topics don’t interest you or if you prefer learning from other teachers and professors.

  • Does Masterclass offer a free trial?

Masterclass doesn’t offer a free trial. However, they do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you want to cancel your membership and get a refund. They also allow all new customers to give away three guest passes for 14 days.

  • How’s the course quality of Masterclass?

The courses in Masterclass are produced with great care and attention to detail. It may be possible that you don’t like a particular class, but most of the time, you’ll find the course material and the learning experience top-notch.

  • How much does Masterclass cost?

Masterclass has an Individual plan for $180 a year, a Duo plan for $240 a year, and a Family plan for $276 a year. You can find details about each plan in the Masterclass Pricing section of the review.

  • How does Masterclass compare with its alternatives?

There are many platforms similar to Masterclass. It is commonly compared with Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera, CreativeLive, LinkedIn Learning, and Mindvalley. You can find the key differences between them in the Masterclass vs Competitors section of the review.

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Pros and Cons of Masterclass

Masterclass has more than 150 online courses taught by the world’s top experts. Its course categories include Food, Design & Style, Arts & Entertainment, Music, Business, Sports & Gaming, Writing, Science & Tech, Home & Lifestyle, Community & Government, and Wellness.

Here are the top pros and cons of Masterclass:

Pros of using Masterclass:

  1. The courses are taught by experts, so you can rely upon their expertise and enjoy high-quality content with excellent delivery.
  2. The learning experience is professional and accessible on devices such as PC, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.
  3. The app lets you take notes along with each lesson and also gives you a downloadable workbook with each course.
  4. Masterclass can easily be shared with family with their Family plan. It can also be used by business teams with Masterclass at Work.
  5. Masterclass comes with new classes every month and publishes new articles regularly.

Cons of using Masterclass:

  1. There are cheaper alternatives to Masterclass which you can use if you don’t need their ongoing membership to take several courses.
  2. Masterclass doesn’t offer a free trial to potential customers nor does it allow you to pay monthly. It charges for the annual subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. Masterclass course categories are limited to creative and business skills, so you should only invest in it if its categories interest you.

What Is It Like to Use Masterclass?

Masterclass offers incredible learning and user experience in all its applications. It’s available on PC, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. For this review, we’ll show you the interface of both the web and iOS application on mobile.

Navigating Masterclass is pretty straightforward. If you can use a smartphone or personal computer, you will most likely have no difficulty with Masterclass. It’s not just the simplicity but also their attention to detail as well as the high course production quality that makes it stand out.

Let’s break down several sections and features of Masterclass:

1. Discover Tab

Masterclass Review

Masterclass Review 11

  • Daily Moments

A selection of clips from different courses that you can watch. It’s a great way to explore a course without starting it. You can start taking the full course if it interests you.

  • Continue Watching

Continue watching the courses from where you left off so you don’t need to remember where you are in each course.

  • Featured

When new sessions or classes are added, they are displayed here.

  • Sessions

Sessions are 30-day curriculums where you also submit your project, get feedback, and are supported by a community.

Masterclass Review 10

2. Library Tab

Browse courses and categories or search for courses, topics, and instructors in the library tab.

Masterclass Review 4 

Masterclass Review 12

3. My Progress Tab

Is Masterclass Worth It

Masterclass Review 13

  • Keep Watching

Resume the courses you’re taking.

  • Try Something New

Course suggestions for you from Masterclass.

Masterclass Review 6

  • My Notes

All notes you take while watching the courses are saved here for easy access.

  • Classes You’ve Mastered

All classes that you finish are shown here.

4. Playlists

Masterclass Review 3

Playlists such as Working Well, The Kitchen, Inside The Craft, Big Ideas, and A Creative Life are curated here by Masterclass.

5. Articles

Masterclass Review 8

Articles are published regularly by Masterclass which you can read and bookmark. They complement the course materials of Masterclass.

6. Masterclass Courses

Masterclass Review 9

You can continue watching any course from where you left off. When you watch a lesson, you can:

  • Share the lesson
  • Download the class guide (workbook)
  • Bookmark a lesson
  • Take notes
  • Watch Moments to see the highlights of the lesson (available on apps)

Masterclass Review 15

  • Download the lesson (available on apps)
  • See the list of upcoming lessons
  • Switch between audio and video (available on apps)

Masterclass Review 16

  • Change the speed of the video (0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x)
  • Change the language of captions (English, German, Spanish)
  • Change the quality of the video (360p, 540p, 720p, 1080p)
  • Mute, increase or decrease the volume
  • Pause and play
  • Switch between fullscreen and normal view

Masterclass Review 5

Masterclass Review 14

Note: Masterclass also used to conduct live classes. You can still watch all the recordings of the past classes under Masterclass Live.

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List of All Classes on Masterclass

Below, you will find a full list of all classes on Masterclass as of July 2022, sorted by category. To save space and not clutter your screen, we’ve wrapped them into expandable blocks. Simply click on any category to see the full list of classes about that topic.

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

The 10 Most Popular Masterclasses

1. Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation

Chriss Voss is a former SWAT team officer at the FBI’s Pittsburgh field office. Now he is the founder of Black Swan Group which focuses on training businesses and individuals to become highly effective negotiators.

He teaches the key principles, techniques, and strategies of negotiation. Some of the lesson titles include Tactical Empathy, Mirroring, Labelling, Mastering Delivery, Body Language & Speech Patters, Creating the Illusion of Control, The Accusations Audit, The Value of “No”, Bending Reality, Bargaining, Black Swans, and The Power of Negotiation.

2. Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a famous astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History. He is also the director of New York’s Hayden Planetarium.

He discusses scientific literacy, communication, concerns, and concepts. Some of the lesson titles include The Frontier of Science, The Scientific Method, Cognitive Bias, Our Systems of Belief, Communication Tactics, and The Future of Our World.

3. Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

Dr. Jane Goodall is a lover of animals. She started learning about wildlife when she was young. She now travels more than 300 days a year to speak about the challenges facing chimpanzees and the environment.

Goodall talks about animal behavior, climate change, and what we can do to help our planet. Some of the lesson titles include Chimpanzee Behaviour, Animal Intelligence, Chimps & Humans, Humans & The Environment, Animal Cruelty, Climate Change, Water, Land, Organic Farming, Making Global Change, and Reasons for Hope.

4. Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration

Chris Hadfield is known to be the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong. He is the author of the international bestseller books An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth and You Are Here.

He teaches about rockets, spaceships, the ISS, Spacewalking, and Mars among other topics. Some of the lesson titles include Astronaut Training, How Rockets Work, Life Support Sytems, Leadership: Commanding the ISS, Spacesuits, Spacewalks, Living on Another Planet, and The Future of Exploration.

5. Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation

Jon Kabat-Zinn has been at the forefront of the Western mindfulness movement for more than four decades. He founded the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society. He is also the author of fourteen books.

Kabat-Zinn talks about the role of mindfulness in stress reduction and teaches various meditation techniques. Some of the lesson titles include A Guide to Meditation, Meditation Postures, Mindfulness and Stress, The Science of Mindfulness, Reclaiming Our Wholeness, Healing the World, and Maintaining a Mindfulness Practice.

6. Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training

Brandon has helped raise tigers since he was four years old. The animals he has trained have appeared in motion pictures and television commercials. He now trains shelter dogs to be service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support dogs.

He teaches building trust, bonding, and training a dog like a pro. Some of the lesson titles include Trust & Groundwork for Training, Sit, Down, Stay, No, Off, Come, Heel, Housebreaking, Door Dashing, and Digging, Chewing, Barking.

7. Matthew Walker Teaches the Science of Better Sleep

Matthew Walker is the founder-director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of the book Why We Sleep in which he explains how sleep affects the mind and body and the role it can play in conditions like dementia and depression.

He explains the science behind sleep and gives tips to get better sleep. Some of the lesson titles include How Sleep Works, Night Owl or Morning Lark?, Prevent Sleep Debt, Fire Up the Brain, Overnight Therapy, The Absurd Act of Dreaming, Sleep to Thrive, and Reclaim Your Sleep.

8. Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

Margaret Atwood is a well-known author of over 40 books of fiction, poetry, and critical essays. She is the author of the famous book The Handmaid’s Tale. She has won many awards and her stories have been adapted for television.

Atwood shares her writing process and gives advice on plotting stories, structuring novels, bringing characters to life, and crafting dialogues among many other things. Some of the lesson titles include Story and Plot, Narrative Point of View, Creating Compelling Characters, Writing Through Roadblocks, and The Writer’s Path.

9. Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring

Stephen Curry has broken numerous NBA records. He won his first NBA championship in 2015 and his second in 2017. He has also earned two MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards.

Curry explains his mechanics, drills, mental attitude, and scoring techniques. Some of the lesson titles include Form Shooting Practice, Ball Handling: On The Move, Creating Space From Your Defender, Ball Screens, Scoring at the Rim, and Pregame Preparation.

10. Carlos Santana Teaches the Art and Soul of Guitar

Carlos Santana has ​​hit number one on the Billboard charts with Abraxas, featuring seminal hits “Oye Como Va” and “Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen.” He now has a legendary status as a guitarist.

He gives his secrets about how he plays the guitar to move the hearts of audiences. Some of the lesson titles include Practice as Musical Offering, Going Inside the Note, Finding Your Sound, Learning From the Blues, Melody is Supreme, Leading and Playing in a Band, and Continuing Your Transformation.

Our Top 5 Favorite Masterclasses

1. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

Gordon Ramsay has been made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. His restaurant has earned three Michelin stars and now his empire has grown to 30 restaurants throughout Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

He teaches his layouts, methods, skills, and recipes. Some of the lesson titles include Pomme Purée, Cauliflower Steak, Olives and Mushrooms, Roasted Aubergine With Basil and Feta, Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken, Sesame Crusted Tuna With Cucumber Salad, and Raspberry Soufflé.

2. Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess

Garry Kasparov became the under-18 chess champion of the USSR at the age of 12, the World Junior Champion at 17, and the youngest World Chess Champion at the age of 22. He held on to the title of the world’s highest-rated player until retirement.

He shows everything from the fundamentals to various tactics and strategies to become a master at Chess. Some of the lesson titles include Discovered Attacks, Deflection/Attraction, Winning Trades, Openings, How to Analyse, and Mental Toughness.

3. Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership

Bob Iger is the chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Disney’s annual net income has increased more than 400 percent under his leadership. He’s been ranked the most powerful person in entertainment by The Hollywood Reporter many years in a row.

He teaches ​​how to lead creatively and curiously with an acceptance of risk and an ability to learn from mistakes for extraordinary business success. Some of the lesson titles include Using Your Time Efficiently, The Art of Negotiation, Creating Brand Value, Anticipating What Consumers Want, The Importance of Risk-Taking, and Tenets for Success.

4. The Power of Empathy With Pharrell Williams and Noted Co-Instructors

Pharrell Williams is an artist, songwriter, producer, fashion designer, bestselling author, and cultural influencer. He is the founder of Black Ambition, a non-profit dedicated to reducing the wealth gap by providing funding and resources to Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.

He and other co-instructors give various practices and exercises to tap into the power of empathy to change the world. Some of the lesson titles include The Evolution of Empathy, Changing Your Vantage Point, Empathy as Democratizing Force, The Love Ethic, and Extinguishing Limitations & Empowering Others.

5. Paul Krugman Teaches Economics and Society

Paul Krugman is a Nobel-prize-winning economist known for his work on international trade and economic geography. He is the author or editor of 20 books and more than 200 papers in professional journals and edited volumes.

He shares the economic theories that drive history and help explain the world around you. Some of the lesson titles include Two Fundamental Principles of Economics, Major Developments in Economic Thought, Economic Solutions to Crises, Inequality: The Growing Gap, Understanding Taxes, and Economic Geography.

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Masterclass Pricing

Masterclass has three pricing plans and one customized solution for businesses. All plans give you access to 150+ classes across 11 categories. Here are the differences between the plans:

1. Individual

The Individual plan costs $180 per year (or $15 per month). It lets you create one account and use Masterclass on one device at a time. It doesn’t let you download lessons for offline viewing.

2. Duo

The Duo plan costs $240 per year (or $20 per month). It lets you watch Masterclass courses on two devices at the same time. In addition, it allows you to download lessons for offline viewing.

3. Family

The Family plan costs $276 per year (or $23 per month). It lets you watch Masterclass courses on six devices at the same time, making it the best value option if you intend to share it with your friends and family.

4. Masterclass at Work

Since Masterclass provides a lot of courses in the Business category, Masterclass at Work could be a great addition to a company. It could enhance a business with courses on Strategy & Leadership, Sales Organization & Deal Closing strategies, Effective Communication strategies, etc.

The pricing depends on the volume of orders. You can contact their sales team for more info.

Masterclass vs Competitors

Masterclass alternatives are plenty. Here are the key differences between its main competitors:

Masterclass vs Skillshare

  • Masterclass instructors are industry experts whereas Skillshare allows any user to create a course.
  • Masterclass has fewer courses than Skillshare but their production quality is much better.
  • Masterclass doesn’t offer a free trial whereas Skillshare lets you get started for free.

Masterclass vs Udemy

  • Masterclass is led by experts in their field whereas Udemy courses can be created by anyone.
  • Masterclass has a subscription-based model whereas Udemy lets you buy individual courses, some of which are free.
  • Masterclass has fewer courses but its content and production quality are usually way better than Udemy.

Masterclass vs Coursera

  • Masterclass courses are taught by celebrities or artists who are masters in their profession whereas Coursera courses are taught by college professors and teachers.
  • Masterclass doesn’t provide a completion certificate while Coursera awards students a certificate from colleges and companies upon course completion.
  • Coursera provides free access to its courses but the production quality of Masterclass is better.

Masterclass vs CreativeLive

  • Masterclass instructors are generally more famous in their industry than CreativeLive instructors.
  • Masterclass courses can only be accessed with their membership while CreativeLive courses can be bought individually.
  • Masterclass courses cover a more diverse range of topics whereas CreativeLive courses are restricted to a few categories.

Masterclass vs LinkedIn Learning

  • Masterclass courses are focused on creative and business skills whereas LinkedIn Learning courses are more diverse for various career options.
  • Masterclass doesn’t offer any completion certificate while LinkedIn Learning gives you certificates that you can also display on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Masterclass subscription is cheaper than LinkedIn Learning. 

Masterclass vs Mindvalley

  • Masterclass offers courses on creative and business skills whereas Mindvalley is more focused on personal development.
  • Masterclass has less of a community aspect to it while Mindvalley has a private social network.
  • Masterclass’ basic plan is cheaper than Mindvalley annual membership. 

Conclusion of Our Masterclass Review: Should You Get Masterclass?

Masterclass was founded in 2014 and it has gained more and more popularity ever since. Despite tough competition in the online course market, Masterclass remains the best premium option for those who value high-quality material and expert advice. You can consider buying Masterclass membership if:

  • You want to learn from some of the best experts in their fields.
  • You value a great user and learning experience.
  • You are interested in learning about the topics: Food, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Writing, Home & Lifestyle, Wellness, Design and Style, Music, Sports & Gaming, Sports & Gaming, Science & Tech, and Community & Government.
  • You want to share Masterclass membership with family members or a business.
  • You like to take, save and revisit notes while taking online courses as Masterclass makes it easy for you.
  • You want to commit to ongoing learning and greater mastery.

Overall, we think Masterclass is most likely the best online course platform out there. You’ll learn from true legends and veterans, and the production quality is unrivaled.

Thank you for reading our Masterclass review! We hope you found it helpful. If you like what you’ve seen and are excited to sign up, simply use the button below. We’ll get a small commission for referring you at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Masterclass is an outstanding online course platform. You may find alternatives that are more suitable or budget-friendly for you, but if our review makes you want to try Masterclass, we recommend you give it a shot! While there is no free trial of Masterclass, there is a 30-day refund policy in case you decide it’s not for you.

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