Blinkist Coupon

Yes! Finally! After weeks of back and forth and trying to get a hold of people, it’s happening.

Four Minute Books is bringing you an exclusive 20% off Blinkist coupon! 🏷✅

Here’s the email I sent to them when asking for a Blinkist discount code for you guys:

Blinkist Coupon Email

(yup, never waste the signature PS line!)

You might notice I didn’t ask them way back in December 2015 when I started writing these summaries.

Why didn’t I do that?

Because I wanted to show them I’m getting results first, to negotiate an extra sweet deal with them for you 🙂

What are you getting?

As you might know from reading my Blinkist review, Blinkist Premium costs $12.99 per month or $79.99 per year on the annual plan, which is a staggering 50% off the monthly price.

For that you get access to their entire library of over 2,500 books, can create your own highlights and save as many summaries as you like for offline reading inside the app. What’s more, you’ll get audio versions the best and newest blinks (over 80% of the total is available right now), an export feature to sync all your highlights to Evernote and, best of all, the functionality to send all of your favorite summaries right to your Kindle, which means you can keep them forever!

Here’s the regular, lame people pricing again, prepare to wave goodbye:

Blinkist Coupon 2018 Pricing

If only you could get the premium subscription, but not, you know, pay that much…right?


This is where the above email comes in.

How much of a discount are we talking about?

It took a while until I reached someone at Blinkist, but eventually, I was able to get you a whopping additional 20% off their Premium subscription! With the exclusive Blinkist coupon for Four Minute Books readers, you’ll pay only a little over $5/month.

Note: This discount is valid for the first year of your subscription. This is what our Blinkist discount code for 2018 looks like when it’s applied:

Blinkist Coupon 2018 Pricing Discount

(all prices translate to Euro 1:1)

Let’s do some fun math, shall we?

Thanks to our awesome partnership, you can now read a book a day for less than $0.18/day – 17.55 cents to be exact! That’s a lot less than you’re spending on coffee, even if you just have 1 cup per day and use one of those coffeemakers that works with pads or capsules.

Don’t even think about making any excuses for not getting Blinkist because “it’s too expensive.” Let’s face it, you don’t have any, not anymore!

How can you get our exclusive Blinkist coupon?

First, you have to buy a hula hoop. Then, you set it on fire, and record yourself as you…


I adjusted all links on Four Minute Books to include our Blinkist coupon.

All you have to do is click any of the “Read full summary on Blinkist” buttons at the end of each summary.

Or, you just click the one below.

Get Blinkist at 20% off >>

I really hope this helps you make up your mind about Blinkist. If I can leave you with only one thing, it’s this: Invest in yourself.

It’s incredible how far $0.18 a day gets you these days.

We live in the greatest of times.

Make the most of it!

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Thanks and enjoy reading awesome book summaries with Blinkist!