About Nik

Hi, I’m Nik!

Short Bio: I am a bestselling author and lifestyle, productivity, relationship, mindset, and habit-breaking coach. I’ve coached over 300 clients through various behavior changes on Coach.me with a 90% helpful rating and 60+ testimonials from happy clients.

I’ve also completed the Coach.me Habit Coach Certification™.

Long Bio: Niklas Göke is an author and writer whose work has attracted tens of millions of readers to date. He is also the founder and CEO of Four Minute Books, a collection of over 1,000 free book summaries teaching readers 3 valuable lessons in just 4 minutes each.

Born and raised in Germany, Nik also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Engineering from KIT Karlsruhe and a Master’s Degree in Management & Technology from the Technical University of Munich. He lives in Munich and enjoys a great slice of salami pizza almost as much as reading — or writing — the next book — or book summary, of course!

Notable achievements:


Last Updated on October 12, 2023