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1-Sentence-Summary: Getting COMFY will show you how to improve each day of your life by identifying why you need to begin the right way and giving a step-by-step framework to make it happen.

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Getting COMFY Summary

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Who do you spend the most time with? Yourself! That’s why it’s worth starting each day on the right foot. It’s not easy to hear the alarm clock and want to jump out of bed. You’d rather press the snooze button, roll over, and risk being late for work.

Well, perhaps you need a morning routine that makes you excited to get up each day. That’s where my friend Jordan Gross comes in with his book Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness.

Through openness to new ideas, advice from others, and experimentation, he’s developed a framework for your best morning ever. To get COMFY, start your day with:

  • Calmness
  • Openness
  • Movement
  • Fun
  • Your Passions

It might seem simple but these practices will have you starting each day right so you can reach your full potential!

Here’s the book summarized in just 3 main lessons:

  1. Start your day with a calming activity and by being open with yourself and the world around you.
  2. Make sure to include movement and something funny before work to get off on the right foot.
  3. Finish your morning routine by taking time to discover and nourish your passions.

Grab an alarm clock and notepad and let’s learn how to make our morning routines COMFY!

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Lesson 1: Calmness and openness are the first two steps of the COMFY framework.

Waking up to a buzzing alarm then going straight to work is a recipe for anxiety. If you want to be ready for the day, you’ve got to introduce calmness right away. 

Think about how you prepare for big events like a job interview. You work on trying to relax and be yourself, right? Do the same for your morning if you want to make each day great.

One great way to get this serenity is meditating in a tranquil setting. Create a space for it if you have to. Then, sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing or a mantra. Experiment to find what works best for you!

The next step of COMFY is being open with yourself and others to re-establish the connections that foster personal growth. 

Jordan tells the story of an experience he had getting to know an Uber driver. By asking the man questions, Jordan made a new connection, expanded his mind, and made someone feel important.

You might practice openness by sending a text message to an old friend or messaging a recent connection on LinkedIn. I’ve also loved starting the day with gratitude by sending thank you notes to people that have made my life better!

Be open with yourself by journaling about your thoughts. Be vulnerable about your desires, fears, and what you’re grateful for.

Lesson 2: Move your body and get yourself laughing with something funny before starting your workday.

The first two steps of COMFY are things I’ve not done too much yet but am excited to experiment with. These next two, on the other hand, are things I’ve done this morning and many days of my life, so I know they work.

We continue to get COMFY with movement, which has nearly unending benefits. As an NASM-certified personal trainer Gross knows the importance of this step. He likes to either do some weightlifting or go on a run each morning. 

This is also a great way to stimulate your brain activity as it gets your blood flowing! Whether your workout is difficult or simple, it’s the surest way to get a quick win at the start of the day that makes you feel amazing.

The F in COMFY stands for funny, reminding you to get something entertaining in as you get going each morning. Laughter helps you beat worry and stay in the present, which is the perfect mindset to have at the beginning of the day.

Start by creating your own Positive News Network by making a list of websites to help you laugh and stay happy. Jordan recommends The Onion and Faith in Humanity, for example.

You can also designate your own “funny buddy” to share entertaining things with each morning. 

Lesson 3: The last step in your morning routine is learning and growing your passions.

At the end of the day, or beginning, rather, none of the ideas we’ve talked about to this point get you out of bed. And although your alarm clock might interrupt your sleep, you might not often think of your reasons for setting it. But you need to.

That’s where the last step of COMFY comes in. It involves finding your passion to determine what makes you tick and get more of it in your life.

For Jordan’s parents, theirs was taking care of their kids. His dad would spend a moment saying a heartfelt goodbye before work, and his mom would make them breakfast each morning. 

To find your passion, Jordan recommends feeling young and thinking old. To feel young, remind yourself of what makes you giddy. Consider what you looked forward to the most as a kid. 

Thinking old means eliminating immature mindsets. This might include the idea that you need to fit in or be cool, for example. Spending time pondering this helps you break through the social pressures that are stopping you from pursuing your dreams.

After you’ve spent a few mornings figuring out your passions, it’s time to pursue them, even if just a little each day.

Jordan’s passion is “adding value to others,” and he is excellent at it. Every time I see him share on LinkedIn or in a Slack group we’re in together, he’s always lifting somebody else up. It always inspires me to be a better person. Because I see Jordan living his passions, I feel confident that I can follow mine too!

Getting COMFY Review

What a great book! I really enjoyed Getting COMFY and it’s given me a lot of really helpful tips that I can’t wait to use to improve my  routine. I was excited about this one because I know Jordan personally and he’s a great guy who’s advice you can trust!

Who would I recommend the Getting COMFY summary to?

The 49-year-old that’s always thought of themselves as a night owl and needs some help to make their mornings better, the 37-year-old that works at a startup who could use a more peaceful morning routine to prepare them for the day, and anyone that wants a great way to start each day off on the right foot!

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