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1-Sentence-Summary: Real Help offers a hands-on approach to improving your life and achieving unconventional success through a happy, fulfilled, ordinary life, rather than fighting the broken system until you’ve got millions in the bank and out-of-the-ordinary achievements.

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Real Help Summary

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Success ― what is it? People have different definitions for it with most of them revolving around huge amounts of money, fame, and grand achievements in life. But is it all about living an extraordinary life? Not really. Living simple and beautiful ― that’s also success! It’s about developing meaningful connections, being kind to yourself and others, and finding your passion in life. 

That’s what Real Help by Ayodeji Awosika is about. This book can come in handy if you’re looking to find your “why” and “how.” In our summary of the book, we’ll explore the concepts of success and how it actually works, as well as how to find your strengths and learn to properly take care of yourself.

Here are 3 of my favorite lessons from this book:

  1. Fight the broken system by becoming resourceful in your mindset and actions.
  2. Open up to yourself and be honest about whatever it is that you find inside your soul.
  3. The road to success is lonely and challenging, but knowing where you’re going can make it easier for you.

Let’s explore these comprehensive lessons in detail and unveil some interesting insights!

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Lesson 1: The system is faulty, so it’s up to you to save yourself and take charge of your life.

It’s no secret that we live in a crooked world. Big corporations, along with governments and the media run the world 24/7. Yet, there are people who still “make it”, contrary to all odds. If you think I’m talking about the super rich and famous, think again. There are millions of people out there with remarkable stories.

There are single mothers who finished school, black people who overcame racism at work and became financially independent, and the list goes on. So how did they achieve success? What is it that they did to solve this big, complicated puzzle called life? First of all, they acknowledged the world they lived in.

Stop trying to fight the system. Yes, politicians are corrupt, big pharma doesn’t want you to prevent or even cure your diseases, and the media will continue to gaslight you, because guess what? They all make money out of it! Just like you, they’ve got their best interests at heart, and they’re fighting for them.

If you stop for a second and think about how to navigate this world instead of fighting it, you’re one step closer to becoming successful and escaping the rat race. Sure, if your definition of success includes being the change this system needs, I’m not going to argue with you. However, these are the facts, and you have to work with them.

Lesson 2: Pure, brutal honesty is what’s going to save you.

Facing the fact that no one is going to save you is what’s actually going to save you. People like to play the victim and blame their misfortune on the elected officials, the government, the unfairness they’ve had to deal with, and pretty much anything else going wrong in their life.

There’s no doubt that you’re facing frustration in your life. Sure, life isn’t fair, and you’re probably working harder than many other people out there who already have it all. Still, stressing too much about it will only make it worse for you. Instead, try journaling. Write down everything that’s in your mind to filter your thoughts. This will allow you to get a better perspective of the bigger picture.

Once you get to realize what it is that you truly want to achieve, it will be a matter of choice for you: either choose the easy way, and have it hard later, or the other way around. The issue with these choices is that no one can guarantee you’ll succeed if you choose to try and build something for yourself. However, if you fully commit to your goals and leave excuses behind, it’s highly likely you’ll succeed. 

Lastly, once you start focusing on your goals, you’ll want to alienate negative thoughts as quickly as possible. Time is invaluable, so everybody wants to have more of it. Forget the “what if I fail”, “what will they think about me”, or “I still have time, no need to start now.” ― and act decisively!

Lesson 3: If you want to make it, you’ll have to get used to challenges, loneliness, and figure out a plan.

Once you discover that burning desire within that makes you want to achieve success, your life will change dramatically. At first, the long hours you spend working on yourself and your hustles will make the people around you perceive you differently. You might hear them say “you’ve changed!”

Just keep going. Forward is better, so don’t settle along the way. In time, you might lose some friends, as you’ll find that your mindsets no longer match, and that’s perfectly fine. Not many people want to change their status-quo, so get used to being lonely. Next, you’ll want to get accustomed to the challenges, or life barriers that come your way.

Oftentimes you’ll have your plan all figured out, only to have one little event ruin it. It will make you feel crazy, think that it’s not meant to be, and even delay you from achieving your goals. This is life’s way of testing you, but you have to get through it. No matter how long it lasts, you have to keep going. Having a plan and some guidelines can help you stay on track.

The best way to figure out a plan is to know where to start. Find your strengths and exploit them strategically. Personality tests aren’t DNA tests, but they can be pretty accurate. Try the Strengths Finder 2.0, or the Myers-Briggs Typing Index, as they’re considered the most accurate tests out there. Once you know your strengths, figure out how to play on them and build your life accordingly.

Real Help Review

Real Help is not your usual self-help book. The practical advice offered by this book will not only enlighten you, widen your perspective on the world, change your mindset from victim to winner, but also guide you through the next steps in your life. Achieving success is not guaranteed, but expect to improve your life and mindset significantly after reading, and most importantly, implementing the lessons from this book.

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Last Updated on May 19, 2023

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