The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners explores the principles of a ketogenic diet, which implies eating little to no carbs, and introducing multiple sources of fat in your daily meals to boost your metabolism and lose unwanted weight.

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The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Summary

You might’ve heard about the ketogenic, or keto diet before, but have you ever truly given it some thought? If not, you might want to. Why? Keto is one of the most sought-after diets out there, and for a reason!

This science-based diet forces your body to burn its own supplies of fat while allowing you to splurge on cheese, butter, and meat. It also helps with burning calories and keeping your cholesterol levels in check. It all has to do with entering a new metabolic state, called ketosis. The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners by Amy Ramos teaches you how to start this diet and transform your body using this revolutionary approach to eating.

Here are my three favorite lessons from the book: 

  1. Prioritizing fats over carbs allows your body to enter ketosis.
  2. The first days of a ketogenic diet will bring the “keto flu” along, but that should wear off in a few weeks. 
  3. Keeping yourself on track when starting a new diet implies other lifestyle and social changes. 

The keto diet consists of many rules and may bring a few unpleasant metabolism changes at first. But learning how to follow it will be worth it in the long run. For this reason, we’ll explore these lessons in detail, so that you’ll grasp the benefits of this summary fully.

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Lesson 1: Ketosis occurs when your body gets its energy from its own sources of fat, instead of ingested carbs

The ketogenic diet promotes a state of ketosis. It implies having your body transition from using carbohydrates as its primary source of energy to using its own supplies of fat instead. Therefore, ketosis will have you burn fat and lose unwanted pounds. Other benefits include an improved heart rate and reduced cholesterol levels. To enter this metabolism state you’ll have to rely on fat more than ever before in your life!

Keep in mind that this diet will only work if you let go of carbs for good. Otherwise, you’ll just find yourself eating astronomic amounts of fat and keeping your carb levels as before, which will in turn make you gain weight. Another benefit of ketosis is that your body regulates its insulin levels. You’ll no longer have those ups and downs in your glucose level. That’s because you no longer ingest carbs that causes it to spike. The result? Improved energy levels!

So, what’s left? In a nutshell, fats and proteins. In fact, only 5% of a keto diet can contain carbs. For an average adult consuming 2,000 calories a day, that’s roughly 25 grams. Moreover, the fats and protein must come from healthy sources. So avoid trans fats from industrial foods such as different types of spreads, bakery products, microwave-ready meals, fried foods, and other highly processed edibles. Instead, opt for nuts of all kinds, fish, lean meat, avocados, seeds, and other healthy sources of fat and protein which pack lots of nutrients.

Lesson 2: Adhering to this diet will eventually bring the “keto flu”, which is a perfectly normal symptom

Keto has plenty of benefits. But in order to reap them fully, you’ll have to go through the initial phase that comes after reducing carbs and introducing more fats into your diet – the “keto flu”. Essentially, it’s similar to common influenza. You will experience coughing, headache, and feelings of numbness or fatigue. But it’ll all go away soon. 

However, your breath may start to smell funny, and your urine may look a bit odd. This is a cause of ketone secretions. These side symptoms of the keto diet are far from pleasant, yet they’re something that everyone adhering to this new lifestyle must go through. To help yourself go through them, think of the huge benefits, like rapid weight loss while eating your favorite fats guilt-free! 

To enter ketosis, you’ll have to reconstitute your diet to contain 65-70% fat, 20-25% protein, and roughly 5% carbs. Therefore, eating bacon and cheese together is totally fine, and in fact, recommended! However, you’ll have to give up foods like rice, grains, and pasta. Reintroducing them after four to eight weeks is possible if your body adjusted to the new lifestyle.

Lesson 3: Along with a new diet, there are many other lifestyle changes that have to occur

If you’re really serious about staying on track with your keto diet, you’ll have to get real about meal planning. That also includes eliminating temptations and letting friends and family know about changing your eating habits and that you need their support. And, of course, taking care of the amount of exercise you’re getting. Although it sounds like a lot, many of these areas are interrelated, so it’ll get easier once you actually start following the diet.

For example, once you get rid of your temptations by donating the carb-rich foods, the sugary drinks, and treats you have around your house, you’ll be left with a home of keto-friendly foods. Therefore, you could hold the next social gathering in your house, knowing that the meals will be prepared to your requirements. Moreover, you could let all those around you know that you’re on a keto diet and that you need to respect certain nutritional parameters from now on.

Lastly, it’s important to introduce exercise and sports into your new lifestyle, to see optimal results. Although diets and keeping stress under control play the biggest role in our overall health, sport is on top of the pyramid too. Moreover, practicing more physical activities will regulate your anxiety and stress, so you’re targeting more at once! As a bonus, you’ll look fitter too, as you’re now on a weight-loss diet and you’re more physically active!

The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Review

The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners offers a hands-on guide to the keto diet starting with the little steps, like getting rid of all temptations, asking for support, to the big ones, such as ditching carbs in favor of fats and protein and getting through the keto flu. This book is the only source of research you’ll need to introduce keto into your lifestyle. Reading it will make switching to a fat and protein-based lifestyle easier than ever before!

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