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1-Sentence-Summary: Hiring Success highlights the importance of the human resource for any company and describes a successful business approach that focuses on finding highly trained and skilled future employees as a source of competitive advantage on the market.

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Hiring Success Summary

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Traditional business models usually focus on the financial resources and implicitly, on how to generate more revenue, please their shareholders, and grow in their market. Still, many companies fail to acknowledge the importance of human resources.

If employees of a company are satisfied, their customers will be too. Fostering a pleasing, learning working environment will most likely cost more than just covering your people’s basic needs. However, as it turns out, this expense is actually an investment.

As a response to a healthy working space, your employees will work more efficiently and customers will be more than pleased to work with you, instead of your competitors. Guess who benefits from that? Your business! Happy customers generate revenue.

Hiring Success by Jerome Ternynck offers valuable insights on how to create a smart hiring process and employ top talent for your company. With the right practices, businesses can find the right people for the right positions more easily. Let’s see how!

Here are my three favorite lessons from the book:

  1. Learn how to promote your vacancies to attract the kind of people that you’re looking for.
  2. Be creative when it comes to advertising for your vacancies.
  3. Complete your team with like-minded people and be consistent in doing so.

Alright, now we’ve got a better idea of what this book is about. How about we go a little bit into detail with each lesson? Let’s see!

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Lesson 1: Run effective campaigns for your open positions and attract better job applicants.

The world runs on an ongoing relationship between supply and demand. Naturally, you can see this happening in the process of recruiting job applicants for positions of all kinds. When companies open up vacancies, unemployed people apply in the hope they’ll get accepted. But how can one make sure they’re good for each other?

Companies must spend their resources wisely and advertise for their vacancies properly to increase the chances of finding the right applicants. The burden of finding the right candidates falls more on suppliers. Sure, people have to look for job openings, but it becomes much easier to find them if they’re marketed right. 

The first step is to do a segmentation of your audience. Know who you’re looking for. Think of their impact on your business and the scarcity of their skills. If the job implies rare, complex skills, you will have to target and advertise for a specific audience to find the right person. 

Sometimes you’ll have to even employ a third party to do that for you, depending on how difficult it is to find the right applicant. Once you start advertising, do it as loud and as clear as you can. Be specific and concise to your prospects, and make the process easy for them.

Lesson 2: A creative marketing campaign for your job opening will likely attract more leads.

Have you ever heard of guerilla marketing? If not, let’s talk about it! Essentially, it is a form of marketing that implies using unconventional, outside-the-box methods to grab people’s attention. When you get creative with your audience, they’re more likely to engage with you.

McDonald’s is one of many companies using guerilla marketing in their efforts to become viral and reach masses of people. As we can all notice, they’re doing pretty good. Now, the thing about being creative when you’re advertising for your job openings is that you want to get to as many people as you can.

After you manage to attract a large number of applicants, you’ll want to use a sort of filter, such as credentials or past professional experiences, to filter them. This process is also known as pipelining. Essentially, you want to narrow down the list and drop the unfitting candidates to make your process easier. 

Another way to attract talent is a method used by Google, known as a referral. Talk to your best employees and let them know that you’re looking for more people like them in your team. To stimulate them, offer financial bonuses or other incentives for everyone that finds an eligible candidate.

Lesson 3: Be consistent when it comes to hiring and maintaining talent in your company.

One good hire won’t instantly make your company successful, nor will it influence it from an organizational point of view. To keep a healthy, learning working environment, you have to be consistent when it comes to the people that come through your door.

Learn to acquire and maintain a skilled workforce to transform your business. Make the recruiting process a priority and invest in it just as you would in any other area of your company. As you’ll do that, a reliable employee base will develop within your organization, which will help you scale and maintain operations at a high-quality level.

The process isn’t always easy though. Finding good talent is a long-term, competitive process. Many companies fight for the most skilled workforce on the market, so make sure to offer an irresistible package to the potential employee. Always keep in mind that costs related to your human resources are a positive investment.

Lastly, build a reliable recruiting team. The other side of the rope is equally important, so make sure to create a robust recruitment team that will take proper care of your applicants. Hire experts in human relationships and marketing, who can find the right pipeline and do a great job at screening potential candidates.

Hiring Success Review

This book focuses not only on the importance of human resources in any company but also on how to acquire them and what it takes to build a robust organization. Hiring Success will teach you how to screen applicants, what a good recruitment team looks like, and how to advertise for your vacancies, among many other things. Reading it can help you get accustomed to the good practices of a prosperous company when it comes to its human resources.

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