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1-Sentence-Summary: The Universe Has Your Back explores the importance of spiritual elevation, meditation, and ways to live by a mantra that serves you in your self-discovery journey that will shape your reality through new and improved thoughts and inner beliefs.

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In The Universe Has Your Back, Gabrielle Bernstein outlines the importance of spiritual maturity. She also details how to achieve it and maintain it throughout your life.

Bernstein explains how important it is to be spiritually mature in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. Worldly pleasures cannot complement for lack of spiritual maturity, which can lead people into a cycle of meaningless living.

She then goes on to explain what spirituality means, as well as how to achieve it through meditation. She also gives tips on how one can stay grounded and connected with their spirit at all times so that they don’t get lost in the world around them.

Here are three of my favorite lessons from this book:

  1. To fix your mind and live in the present, you’ll have to start meditating or praying.
  2. The Universe holds everything you need, so just learn to ask for it.
  3. Let go of your assumptions and let the Universe lead you to your higher purpose.

Time to explore these lessons in detail and learn more about the power of spirituality!

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Lesson 1: Meditation and prayer might be just the cure you were looking for all along.

Oftentimes, we have everything we need to live happy, meaningful lives, yet something is still missing. We are deeply disconnected, feeling anxious and stressed all the time, and living in fear. This state of being is detrimental to us, and there’s only one way to fix it.

We must first accept that there is a higher power who guides us through our life. Also, we must be willing to recognize our personal flaws and the negative impact they have on our lives. 

We must learn how to connect with others through compassion, empathy, and love, which will help us develop inner strength and overcome negative emotions such as anger or jealousy. In addition, we must recognize all things come from a source outside ourselves. 

Some might call that force God, while others call it the Universal Truth or the Awareness. Regardless of its name, its presence is certain. To rediscover it and implicitly connect with your inner self, you’ll have to meditate or practice praying in solitude.

Only in a deep state of meditation by connecting to our higher being and God can we truly connect with our inner persona. This beautiful encounter happens through prayer and it will eliminate the fear and anxiety that paralyzed your mind and body for so long.

Lesson 2: Before you ask the Universe for whatever it is that you want, you should prepare your mind.

When you’re ready to live the life you’ve been dreaming of, the Universe will be ready for you. The only thing you need to do is ask for whatever it is that you want. 

To get your mind in the right shape, you need to start meditating. However, there are only a few correct ways to ask for your God-given gifts. You need to be free of assumptions, fears, prejudice, and negativity in your requests. 

To set yourself up for success, you’ll first need to get rid of anxiety. To do so, you need to feel grounded in your spiritual connection with God. Practicing Kirtan Kriya for 12 minutes each day can help you reach that mindful state of being. 

Kirtan Kriya is a meditation exercise aimed at helping you find a state of equilibrium between the Universe and your inner self. After practicing for more occasions and when you’re in the proper shape of asking for your native rights, you shall proceed. 

Remember to be clear in your prayer. Let emotions accompany you in your request, but only give course to the positive ones. Believe in your words and their magic, and don’t be afraid to say  it out loud.

Lesson 3: In spirituality, it is important to let go of the reins and allow things to happen as they will.

You can’t let yourself get caught in a cycle of anxiety or frustration over things you can’t change. You have to learn to accept things as they are and stop worrying about what might happen in the future. 

This doesn’t mean you should just sit back and do nothing — it just means that when something doesn’t go your way, don’t stress about it as you normally would.

Stoics were quite wise in this sense. The center of their philosophy was that as long as you can’t control the outcome of a situation, there’s no reason for you to stress about it. In other words, only focus on what’s in your power to change, and leave the rest for the Universe to take care of it.

It’s not uncommon to see people who seem to be so centered, grounded, and overall laid back. It’s like these people have a protective aura that regular people can’t get past. 

If you’ve ever wondered how they manage to stay so calm while navigating life, it’s because they trust that the Universe works for them.

The Universe Has Your Back Review

In a world that is constantly focused on material pleasures, people are starting to look for something more. They want to be able to appreciate their lives and have a purpose. 

The Universe Has Your Back offers guidance on how to do so by providing the tools needed in order to cultivate spiritual maturity.

I highly recommend this book if you too feel like there must be something more to life than just your day-to-day cycle and want to explore the higher meaning of life itself, as well as what’s your purpose on this planet.

Who would I recommend The Universe Has Your Back summary to?

The 24-year-old person who just discovered their passion for spirituality, the 39-year-old person who feels burnt out and wants to explore their higher purpose or the 45-year-old person who is going through a personal crisis and needs some advice on how to find meaning in their life again.

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