The Power of Focus Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: The Power of Focus offers its readers a focus-based approach that they can use to achieve their financial and personal goals through practical exercises and habits that they can implement into their daily lives to actively shape their future.

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The Power of Focus Summary

Oftentimes we set goals for ourselves, feeling determined and confident, thinking that there is nothing that can stop us from achieving them. Later, when the momentum passes and the initial motivation starts to fade, it seems that there is something that can indeed stand in our way: we are that thing. Isn’t that frustrating?

Many people start businesses or personal journeys to achieve a change, such as losing weight but give up on the way. This is the result of an unfocused mindset. We expect our motivation to last through to the end of our endeavors, but fail to realize that the initial determination is just the spark that sets things in motion.

Along the way, many obstacles will show, and only a focused mind will be able to overcome them and reach the desired goal. Establishing successful habits and actively focusing on the small, daily things that we do is the change factor. To shape our future, we must first shape our present. 

The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield is the cure to our procrastination, lack of direction, and productivity. By applying the advice from the book, you can overcome the things that keep you from achieving your objectives and become the best version of yourself. It all starts with a focused mind. So how can you achieve that?

Here are my three favorite lessons:

  1.  Productivity starts with changing our daily habits.
  2.  The Problem Solver method helps tackle setbacks.
  3.  Procrastination kills your goals.

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Lesson 1: In order to become more productive, we must create healthy habits and stick to them.

Every day you wake up, there are certain things you do out of habit, such as brushing your teeth. You don’t waste time thinking about whether you should do that, or how to do it. Along the day, there are dozens of things you do the same way. But what if you could automate productivity as well? 

If you become accustomed to reading 10 pages of a book per day, you could read 300 pages per month! That is at least one regular book, but this is just one example of many. The point is, you should work on automating productive habits just like you did with your current daily ones.

The first thing you want to do is identify unproductive habits, such as spending too much money or being late for meetings. Then, replace this habit with a productive one. Seek inspiration from the internet or the people around you and pick up a good trait. Lastly, create a three-step plan to achieve your goals.

For example, if you’re looking to increase your net worth, you can consult with a financial advisor, invest in long-term securities and automate the transfer of a certain percent of your monthly income in a savings account. Create a formula that works best for you and stick to it.

Lesson 2: Use the Problem Solver method to overcome the challenges and setbacks.

Everybody experiences setbacks. It could be that your bills for the month skyrocketed, or that you experienced a negative event in your personal life. Although the circumstances differ for each one of us, the Problem Solver method functions as a universal cure. 

The outcome of any situation depends on your actions. This fact is not arguable. However, the way we choose to respond is subjective to each one of us. Some people choose to forget about the problem as if it wasn’t there, and some choose to solve it. If you like to take responsibility for your life, you should become the second type of person.

Start by asking yourself a series of questions, such as: How would I like this situation to turn out? Where do I ideally see this situation going? For example, your business may have encountered a negative trend in sales. 

Then, look for information that will help you achieve the desired outcomes. Research and apply, and if you find it difficult remember that you can always ask people for help. Showing vulnerabilities in your tactics, knowing where you lack the know-how and when it’s time to get support is a sign of strength.

Lesson 3: Procrastination hinders the decision-making process by stealing our time and focus.

Our natural inclination to postpone and procrastinate is what created this unproductive habit that makes us lose our focus. Therefore, we must break this trait, starting with identifying the cause. Usually, it is one of these four reasons: boredom, an overwhelming amount of work, unenjoyable work, or plain laziness.

So, ask yourself: are you looking for a new challenge or something to break the rut? Do you feel stuck in a routine? If you could change anything related to your work, what would it be? If you find that solving these inquiries could make you feel passionate about your work, chances are you’re bored of your professional life. 

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work. If you do, imagine a negative and a positive scenario for your procrastination. What will happen if you don’t fulfill your tasks? What would happen if you did? This can help you become more proactive and regain your focus. 

Still, it could be that you’re not enjoying your job. If you find yourself in an unpleasant working environment, consider switching it. Oftentimes, our greatest success is outside our comfort zone. Moreover, if none of these are relatable to you, maybe you’re the type of person that gets distracted easily. 

Try to be more objective with yourself and act as if you were a parent catching yourself using the mobile too much. Staying focused is the key, so consider turning off the internet while working and eliminating any source of distraction. Allocate a given time, such as an hour, when you are completely dedicated to your work.

The Power of Focus Review

The Power of Focus is an asset for anyone willing to break unproductive habits and become proactive. After reading this book, its readers will be able to take their life into their own hands and understand how small actions shape their future. The key insights are the hands-on approaches that the authors reveal, which can help anyone shift their mindset.

Who would I recommend our The Power of Focus summary to?

Entrepreneurs and motivated individuals who want to make a change in their life and achieve their objectives, the person who’s trying to become proactive and take charge of their life, or anyone looking for guidance to become the best version of themselves and get rid of unproductive habits.

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