The Motivation Manifesto Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: The Motivation Manifesto explores how we can find purpose and meaningfulness in our lives by discovering our inner motivators and overcoming our fears, tapping into our inner power and living life fully and freely.

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The Motivation Manifesto Summary

As we go through life, it’s impossible not to wonder what is our purpose here and why do we get up every morning. Everybody has their inner spark that gets lit up whenever they start doing what makes them happy and fulfilled. 

When you have a passion, being motivated is easy, as it comes naturally. However, when you’re still searching for a purpose, answering your “why” can be a challenging feat. The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard comes in to help you in your pursuit of happiness.

This book’s aim is not to make you feel motivated, although that comes in as a bonus. Instead, it will teach you how to find a purpose in all your endeavours and chase the life you imagined, become the inspiration you were looking for, and regain true joy in your life.

Here are my three favorite lessons from the book:

  1. Kill your fear and replace it with ambition.
  2. Immersing yourself in the present moment will make you more joyful than concentrating on the past.
  3. An average life is not the way, focus on creating an extraordinary one instead.

Now, let’s take a moment to explore each lesson in detail. Let’s start with the first one!

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Lesson 1: Fear can kill your dreams, while ambition can fuel them.

When it comes to life, we have choices to make every day. Whether they’re small, like what to eat and where to go, or big, like moving to a new place or taking a new job, they’re there, and they require action. However, many of us let fear take over and make those decisions for us. We become worried about what people will think, about failure, or many other factors. 

Then, we get disappointed with our decisions and feel as if it’s too late to change them. In such situations, our freedom feels inhibited and we become frustrated. Without personal freedom, we can’t grow or develop as people. Therefore, the only way to live your dream life and gain personal freedom is to take charge of your life and overcome fear. 

The other force that drives our growth is ambition. It is the fuel that makes us go further and farther in life, always looking to improve it. Without it, setting and achieving goals is impossible. To nurture it, we must always evaluate our circumstances and ask ourselves: “Is this truly what I want?” or “How does this help me in my path to freedom?”

Ambition drives our imagination to wander and create new, exciting scenarios and goals in our minds. Then, motivation comes in. However, this one is hard to maintain. To do that, you must set a routine and be disciplined about it. Although some days you won’t feel like getting up and doing the work, pushing through will be worth it in the long run, as you’ll become motivated once again when you notice yourself not giving up.

Lesson 2: Learn to enjoy the present moment from your inner child.

As we grow older, we learn more and more about the world, leaving behind old practices and upgrading our mindset. However, there are certain things in life that we should unlearn, or never let go of in the first place. What I mean by that is, you should reconnect with your inner child and remember how it feels to live in the moment.

As children, our job was to explore the world and laugh as we did so. As we grow up, the task doesn’t change, it just becomes more challenging to fulfill, and so we lose our ability to keep our eyes on what’s most important – living our life. Some are clinging to their past. Maybe they had a few good years that they like to remember and replay in their head. Others immerse themselves in their ideal future and spend their days planning and overworking themselves.

The secret is to keep your feet in the present moment. Whatever happened is a thing of the past, something that cannot be changed. However, what you can change is the way you react to it today. Therefore, let go of your past anchors and open your mind to a more curious, joyful approach to life. 

Moreover, don’t let negative thoughts ruin your days. For example, if you feel like taking on a new project or doing something out of the ordinary, don’t let your fear of failure and over-realistic mind ruin it for you. Similar to a child, keep your curiosity and motivation alive, and listen to your gut. More often than not, it will guide you to your purpose and your source of happiness, unlike your well-trained, rational mind, who likes to follow patterns and society’s rules.

Lesson 3: Aim for a glorious, extraordinary life, and don’t settle for less.

Whatever your definition of success and fulfillment looks like, it’s time for you to pursue it and do everything in your power to achieve it. Whether you’re dreaming about becoming a world-renowned artist, traveling to every country on earth, or building your own house and starting a family, go for it. Life is too short to fear living it.

The key is to focus on what you’re passionate about. If you’re still trying to figure out what your burning desires are, try asking your friends or family for their opinion. When they think of you, what is it that they consider you’re great at? Discovering your talents in relation to your passion is particularly important, as it dictates the path you should take in life.

Moreover, when you choose to follow it, you’ll start becoming more fulfilled and act as inspiration for others. After all, this is another great outcome in one’s life – to become a source of inspiration to those around them, isn’t it? Therefore, next time you think of your life and your purpose, figure out a way to turn it from average to excellent.

The Motivation Manifesto Review

The Motivation Manifesto is a book for all those who want to get disciplined and find their higher purpose in life. This book will teach you how to turn your life from average to inspirational and help those around you along the way. The advice received from the authors, such as enjoying the present, setting a goal, conquering our fears, and many others, will transform everyone’s life once implemented.

Who would I recommend our Motivation Manifesto summary to?

The 30-year-old start-up founder looking to lift their morale and find a way to stay motivated, the 27-year-old single mom who wants more out of her life and is trying to set the bar higher, or the 40-year-old life coach looking to learn more about what makes people motivated.

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