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The Four Minute Library

The Four Minute Library is a downloadable collection of our over 800 book summaries on Four Minute Books. Each summary comes in a lightweight, easy-to-read PDF format that you can use on your phone, add to your Kindle, and store on your computer forever.

What’s more, you’ll also get access to an Evernote folder that is constantly being updated with our latest summaries. The notes don’t just present our summaries in yet another clean, ad-free, beautiful format, you can also copy the entire notebook and start making your own highlights and notes.

Pay Once, Access Forever

If you had to buy all the books we summarize, you’d have to spend well over $10,000 and thousands of hours reading them, let alone taking notes. Access to the Four Minute Library costs $99. Pay once, use forever.

With The Four Minute Library, you get access to 3 great lessons from all these books in a convenient, customizable format for less than 1% of those $10,000 – not to mention the countless hours you’ll save on reading.

After you checkout, you’ll receive a welcome email with a direct link to the notebook which you can add to your own Evernote account, make a copy of, or just view and browse online or in the free Evernote app.

You’ll also receive a download link to a ZIP file of our entire catalog of summaries, including over 800 lightweight PDFs for your own reading, note-taking, and highlighting pleasure.

Additionally, I’ll walk you through the whole process and give you creative ideas on how to use the library in 2 exclusive videos.

If you love learning, The Four Minute Library will add value to your life. Join today and start browsing immediately!

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