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1-Sentence-Summary: Super Human presents the groundbreaking discoveries of Dave Asprey (the CEO of Bulletproof) in the field of diet & nutrition, biohacking, longevity, and offers a scientific view on how to live your best life and look like the best version of yourself by adopting practices acclaimed by bioengineers right away.

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Favorite quote from the author:

If you’ve ever wondered how certain people look way younger than their age, or how some humans make it to a very long age without struggling with illness and overwhelming hardship, Super Human is the book for you. 

The truth is, no one knows the secret to immortality, but medicine, science, and nutritionists are starting to get the hang of the second most desired thing: living longer while looking and feeling great. 

It seems that it all comes down to what to eat, when to sleep, and how to leverage the earth’s resources to reverse diseases and the aging process. 

Here are three of my favorite lessons from the book:

  1. A low-carb, high-protein diet is the key to healthy mitochondria and implicitly to a healthier body.
  2. Intermittent fasting can help your brain function better, while the right sun exposure helps with longevity.
  3. Hormones and sleep are an existential part of life.  

Are you ready to learn the secrets of longevity, a disease-free life, and a bulletproof diet? If so, let’s begin first the first lesson!

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Lesson 1: If you switch your diet now to a protein-based one, you’re likely going to avoid serious illness in the long run.

You are what you eat – isn’t that what everybody says? Well, not only is it true, but it also affects who you’re going to be. If you want to avoid mental diseases like Alzheimer, serious illnesses like cancer, or any degenerative diseases, here me out: ditch carbs today. 

Let’s start with the beginning: mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. If you’re not eating right and are lacking antioxidants, your powerhouse release free radicals, which are responsible for the majority of degenerative diseases. Luckily, mitochondria also emit antioxidants, which make up for the bad effects of free radicals.

To encourage your body to produce antioxidants, you need to eat right. That means ditching sugar and grains right away and eating carbs for an average of two days a week. 

What you should eat more of are healthy fats and protein. However, not all macronutrients are created equal: instead of red meat, try fish and free-range white meat.

Instead of trans-fats, try olive oil, nuts, and salmon. Give yourself plenty of protein, which means 0.5 grams per pound or 0.35 per pound if you’re overweight.

Lesson 2: Try intermittent fasting right away, and make sure to get enough good light for vitamin D.

Intermittent fasting is a popular way of reversing the aging process through eating. The main idea behind it is that you should only eat in a preset time frame and not eat at all during the rest of the day. Many people opt for 16:8 fasting, which means eating for eight hours and fasting for 16. 

Intermittent fasting is a proven way to reverse the aging process and boost your metabolism, as it encourages your body to produce antioxidants and even regenerate neurons! Another great change you can implement to make the most of your life is to get the right type of sun exposure. 

UV rays are known carcinogens, but leaving the sun out of your life altogether is also a big no-no. In fact, it’s worse than smoking, the author suggests. Vitamin D is essential for brain and bodily functions, as well as for fighting disease. 

To reap the benefits of sun exposure, try to go out for 10-20 minutes a day at sunrise when the rays are not too powerful. If you go out later, that’s fine as long as you’re wearing sunscreen. As for other types of light, avoid the blue ones as much as you can by wearing anti-blue-light glasses and adjusting your devices for night mode.

Lesson 3: You need to take sleep and your hormone levels seriously if you want to live longer and better.

Sleep is as consequential as your diet. Sleep allows the brain to clear out toxins and regenerate itself while also allowing you to rest. However, when you’re sleeping is just as important. Studies suggest sleeping anywhere between six to eight hours. 

The quality of your sleep is crucial. When you’re in a deep sleep, that’s when the magic happens. However, getting it is tough, so you need to make sure to eliminate stressors like sounds and light and truly relax in your sleep. 

Now, let’s talk about hormones. They’re responsible for so many aspects of our life! Regulating your hormones without the use of drugs is possible through HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). As this form of training gets super intense quickly, you should give yourself time to rest in between the days you’re training.

Super Human Review

Super Human is the only guide you’ll ever need to becoming healthier, stronger, and living longer. If you’re not a fan of Western diets and believe in the power of dieting, eating right, sleeping well, and taking supplements, this book is the compelling study you’ve been looking for. 

The author put together everything you need to start living the life you have imagined, reclaim your body, and reverse the aging process. 

On top of all the wisdom shared in his book, he also gives away valuable information about what types of supplements you should take, how you can embrace your new life, and what other factors are worth considering in the process. A highly recommended read.

Who would I recommend the Super Human summary to?

The 35-year-old person who is doubting the Western diet, the 48-year-old person who wants to stop the aging process and start living healthier ASAP, or the 23-year-old model who is cautious about their looks and health.

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