Millionaire Success Habits Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: Millionaire Success Habits will teach you the habits you need to become financially successful and make a big difference in the world along the way.

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Millionaire Success Habits Summary

I’ve been studying entrepreneurship and business for a couple of years now. I’m so engrossed in it that I often see ads for books and coaches offering to help me earn more money.

One day about a year ago, I started seeing this guy named Dean Graziosi coming up in YouTube ads all the time. He had so much passion and such great advice that instead of skipping the ad like I normally do, I listened. This went on for a few weeks and I got to the point where I hoped to see his ads whenever I was on YouTube.

Dean was advertising his book Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity, which teaches the habits you need to become rich and happier. At one point I saw a good friend of mine with his arm around Dean in one of the ads and I knew that I could trust this guy. I got the book and my life hasn’t been the same since. I’m on my way to doubling my income and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!

Here are the 3 most life-changing lessons I’ve learned from Dean Graziosi:

  1. Find your why by doing the seven levels deep exercise and your motivation and energy will skyrocket.
  2. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses, if you want to be happier and more productive.
  3. Wake up the hero inside of you and let them take charge of your life. 

Could this be the book that changes your life forever? Read on to find out more!

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Lesson 1: The seven levels of why exercise will help you find the motivation and energy to start and continue your path to wealth.

Dean tells of an experience he had when he hired a consultant named Joe Stump to help get his readers and students more engaged. Joe teaches Dean the “Seven Levels Deep” exercise, which is simply just asking yourself the question “why?” seven times. It’s a small thing that made a big impact on Dean and can do the same for you. 

When Joe asked Dean the first few whys, Dean shared pretty generic answers. But with three levels left Dean began to get emotional as he realized his deeper purpose for what he was working on at the time. 

Like Dean, we each need to pull our deepest desires out of our heart and soul if we really want to feel energized and motivated. As Dean gets to the last level, he learns that his reason for what he’s doing is because he wants to be in control. With that clarity, it made everything so much easier. 

Having a purpose is good, but there’s another power to this exercise too. When the hard days come, and they will, knowing your why will help you push through them to succeed. To me, this has been a priceless defense against giving up on my dreams.

Lesson 2: Give up on your weaknesses, focusing on your strengths is the holy grail of a happy, productive life.

This single lesson is likely responsible for 90% of the changes I’ve been through in the last year. When I first read this book, I was in a rough place. Working in a job I wasn’t pumped about was just the tip of the iceberg. I was battling depression, slogging through graduate school, and never feeling like I could get ahead. 

Fast-forward to today and I am working for myself doing things that I love. Next year will make twice as much as I did at that old job. So what did Dean teach me that helped me get here? It was the simple advice to focus on my strengths, instead of my weaknesses. It may sound easy, but it changed my life and it will do the same for you also.

Dean talks about an inner villain that thrives when we focus on our weaknesses. How many times have you heard someone tell you to get better at what you’re not good at? Well, that’s garbage advice that you should stop following! Not only will you be happier working on your strengths, but your weaknesses will also take care of themselves.

The problem with working on weaknesses is that it keeps us in a constant struggle. When we’re always trying to improve what we suck at, our belief in ourselves slowly dies. 

If you want to live within your strengths, start by finding them. Ask the people you’re closest to what they think you’re good at. Make a list and plan for how you’ll work on these strengths.

Lesson 3: Let your inner hero awaken and take control of your life.

Now that you know your superpowers you need to wake up the hero inside of you. One example of someone who did this was a woman named Carol. She was down in the dumps with no money or food when she bought Dean’s book. That’s when things started turning around for her.

Carol learned to awaken her inner hero by focusing on solutions instead of worrying about everything that was wrong. Instead of blaming the economy or fate on her problems, she took control. Now, she has a new house and car, runs her own business, and looks 20 years younger than when Dean first met her. As the book says:

“The hero focuses on solutions.”

So finding your strengths helps you discover the qualities of this inner hero. But how do you let them take charge? It’s as simple as the four C’s of confidence:

  1. Courage
  2. Commitment
  3. Capabilities
  4. Confidence

To have courage, you must believe that your efforts, even if scary, will bring results. For commitment, recognize its importance by asking yourself if you’ve ever achieved anything without it. Capabilities requires learning, which may mean taking a course or reading a book to improve yourself. And all three of these lead to confidence, or the ability to let the hero take charge and change your life for the better.

Millionaire Success Habits Review

I love Millionaire Success Habits, it’s one of the most influential habits books I’ve ever read. The advice seems so simple, but the way Dean shares it with such passion and personality has had a real impact on me. My life has completely turned around over the last year since getting and reading this book, and I’m confident yours will too if you read it!

Who would I recommend the Millionaire Success Habits summary to?

The 29-year-old who is in a career they don’t like and is tired of working on all of their weaknesses, the 43-year-old who longs to earn more money but doesn’t feel confident in their abilities, and anyone who wants a fire lit inside of them to go out and be their best selves.

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