Market Your Book to 200,000+ People

You’ve done the hard part. You wrote the book. An actual book. As a writer of five years, I know how much of a struggle that can be. Congratulations. I salute you.

Now comes the second part. The part that’s supposed to be easier, but won’t be: How do you market the damn thing?

The Four Minute Marketing Package

At Four Minute Books, we have served over 9,000,000 readers in the past 6 years. Every month, around 250,000 unique visitors come to our website and browse our 1,000+ original non-fiction book summaries. The next one could be yours – and it comes with all the marketing you need for a successful book launch or promotion.

Our book marketing package includes all the elements you want to have in place for the day you launch your book (or a targeted promotion):

  • An original, handcrafted, high-quality piece of content based on your book
  • Placement of said piece on a well-established, branded, high-ranking domain
  • 2-3 relevant links from said domain to your author website.
  • A custom email campaign about the summary of your book that goes out to 70,000+ email subscribers.
  • Shares of your summary on our social media channels with a total of over 350,000 followers.

After the initial promotion push, your book summary will continue to live on Four Minute Books forever. That means every month, your summary will be visible to our growing readership of 250,000+ people.

Your summary is also likely to score a high Google ranking for the title keyword of your book, providing you with more, valuable digital real estate. Each summary includes an Amazon affiliate link to the book, driving traffic to your book’s sales page over the summary’s lifetime. Finally, we’ll cross-link your summary with others on our site to ensure a steady flow of traffic to the page.

The Four Minute Marketing Package costs $2,999.

Our Commitment To You & How It Works

Applying for The Four Minute Marketing Package only takes 2 minutes.

We use the word “apply” because we vet each book we consider promoting. Above all, we are committed to our valued readership, and we won’t publish a summary of a low-quality book to make a quick buck.

There are many markers of quality when it comes to a book, and a lot of them are subjective, but if we decide to not promote your book, we’ll let you know why – and you’ll get some free insight as to what you could improve.

In turn, our commitment to you is that we’ll apply those same, high quality standards to the summary we’ll handcraft from your book. All of our writers have gone through a rigorous training program and subsequent coaching to make sure the summaries they write are thoughtful, creative, grammatically spotless, and highly shareable.

All email copy will be customized as well. We do our homework. We won’t send out poorly formatted advertisements and misspell your name. The email newsletter will introduce a little background about you, the author, along with a nice backstory to embed the lessons. Everything we create is well-researched and executed to perfection.

To apply for The Four Minute Marketing package, all you have to do are the following two things:

  1. Understand that, for $2,999, you will get the following:
    1. A short, fun, engaging, smart, shareable piece of writing you can use forever to promote your book.
    2. Highly relevant links to your book and website from an established, big brand in the literature space.
    3. Promotion of your summary to 70,000+ email subscribers, 350,000+ social media followers, and 250,000+ monthly readers.
    4. Custom social media content and shares you can re-share and re-use at any time.
  2. Fill the form below.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hrs. We’ll try our best to meet your deadlines, but please make sure at least 10 days lie between your application and the target date for your promotion. Sharing a PDF copy of your book might speed up the approval process and make it easier for us to accurately assess the quality of your work, but it isn’t necessary at this stage.

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022