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1-Sentence-Summary: Born To Win explores how planning and preparation is the only way to win in life and shows you how to use these tools in combination with a vision, goals, and thinking positively to become a winner in all aspects of life.

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Born To Win Summary

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Everyone’s a winner?” As nice as this feel-good sentiment sounds, once you live long enough on this earth, you’ll realize this isn’t true. It doesn’t exactly inspire doing your best either.

But with the help of world-famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and his son Tom Ziglar, you can become a real winner in life. In Born to Win: Find Your Success, Zig’s last book, you’ll learn that greatness comes in three simple steps: planning to win, preparing to win, and then expecting to win.

Here are 3 great lessons I’ve learned from this book:

  1. To start winning, visualize your success and truly want it. 
  2. Setting goals and getting advice from the right people can set you on the right track to win. 
  3. Nurture every part of yourself, and you can expect to succeed. 

Were you Born to Win? Of course you were. Let’s get into these lessons and see why and how to take advantage of them!

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Lesson 1: Winning starts as soon as you have a vision and you really want to make it happen.

What separates a star athlete from the rest of the team? As far as the authors are concerned, the only difference is desire. Everyone has potential, but winners want to win. This desire leads them to plan, prepare, and expect to win. 

Desire is the thing that motivates winners to work hard so they can win. The authors compare this to a motor that powers you to success. The way to get the motor started is to establish a clear vision of what you want. An encounter or event can bring on this vision. 

Zig Ziglar developed his vision for success when his supervisor pulled him aside and told him he had the potential to be the best salesman in the country. Before this point, he only wanted to make ends meet. But once he realized there was a possibility to be great, he got excited, and his vision started. Soon after came the desire to make it happen. 

Desire leads to two important qualities that help you keep chasing your vision: commitment and perseverance. Commitment keeps you consistent and focused, while perseverance keeps you going even when things are hard. 

So if you’re ready to start your path to winning, be on the lookout for moments that will inspire your vision. Having a vision of what you want will give you the motivation you’ll need to start your journey to success.

Lesson 2: Next, outline goals and seek out good advice.

The authors say goals are important because they give you direction and save you time and effort. But it’s important to set the right goals. 

To do this, make sure a goal is specific. You should have a clear target in mind. For example, rather than say you want to make more money, a goal should be something like increasing your paycheck by 20 percent. When it’s defined, write down what it will give you. Understanding what you can gain from it will help keep you motivated. 

Next, recognize obstacles that might make it hard. Planning for obstacles will help you be prepared for when they arise. Your next step will be to think about what skills and knowledge you might need to accomplish your goal. Doing so will help you pinpoint exactly what you need to learn. Lastly, write up a detailed plan of action and include a deadline. 

Another step to planning your success is to set aside time to learn. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best ways is by finding a good mentor. Everyone needs support at different times in life, and seeking out advice from people who are more experienced and have achieved things in their lives will make you more likely to win. 

If you want a good mentor, be on the lookout for someone who shows signs of good character, such as someone selfless and trustworthy. You can also see someone’s character by looking at their relationships. Happy and healthy personal relationships are always a good sign.

Mentors should be good at listening, and more importantly, tell the truth, even when it’s hard.  Last but not least, a good mentor enjoys seeing people succeed.

Lesson 3: Take time to care for every part of yourself, and you can expect to win.

What would you say distinguishes a winner from a loser? Most people probably would say that hard work and talent are a huge part of it, which is true. But it’s not the whole story. 

The main thing that separates winners from losers is expectation. A winner will expect to win. Not just because of their preparation either. 

If you want to expect to win, you start by having a commitment to improving your mind, body, and spirit. These make up your whole self, and neglecting any of them will put a limit on what you’ll be able to accomplish. 

You can nurture your mind by learning to think in new ways. First, try to always learn new things, whether it’s from reading, observing, or talking to knowledgeable people. Next, apply what you learn to solve problems to help you reach your goals.

Nurturing your body means making sure you are in good physical shape for you. When you are physically healthy, you will do your best work and make success much more likely. You can do this by making sure you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 

Most importantly, your spirit needs nurturing. Your spirit is what distinguishes humans from other life forms on earth. Unlike animals, who are only motivated by survival and reproduction, humans can be motivated by things like love and faith. Because of this, nurturing your spirit is a key component to success. 

Paying special attention to each of these components will give you energy, confidence, and peace of mind. With these tools, you can now be confident that you will find success in whatever you’re shooting for.

Born To Win Review

This book was a really inspiring must-read for anyone looking for the inspiration to succeed, whether it’s in business or life. They outline the path to success in a way that makes it simple enough for even the most unmotivated of us to find inspiration to accomplish something.

Who would I recommend the Born To Win summary to?

The 61-year-old who’s always loved Zig Ziglar’s work, the 32-year-old who feels lost and could use a specific plan to improve their life, and anyone who doubts that they were made for greatness.

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